Discovery Canyon of Chaley

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Discovery Canyon of Chaley

Come on to discover the canyoning of Chaley with Gravity Fun in the Bugey mountains. It's just 1H10 driving from Lyon.

After 15 minutes we will reach the top of the canyon Chaley and we will go down on this river and experience many jumps (6 meters maximum and not obligatory), slides and rappel...

Fun guaranteed for children and adults !!

How long does it last ? : it's between 2h30 and 3h00. In this time is planned the equipment, the walk to come back to the car, the instructions and the activity.

How much does it cost ? : 50€ by adult, 45€ by child. A discount can apply if you book for 6 person or more.

Combo Gravity Fun : Vous pouvez combiner la Via Ferrata de Hostiaz (Guiguette) avec le canyoning de Chaley pour 85€ tout compris Au lieu de 100€

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